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Networking Tips

  • Prepare a 30 second speech or introduction about yourself or your business. Practice!
  • Get out of your comfort zone by making it a goal to meet at least three people you don't know in every engagement you attend.
  • Avoid asking yes/no questions when trying to engage in a conversation.
  • Be ready to provide your contact information. Carry either a business card or personal card with your contact phone number, email and any other information such as your business' website address.
  • Follow up with each person you met.

Other Resources that LEN provides:

  • Business Related
    • Starting Your Own Business
    • Managing Your Business Risk
    • Buying A New Business
    • Business Planning Check List
    • Marketing Your Business
  • Personal Finances
    • Predatory Lending - What You Need to Know
    • How To Check Your Free Credit Report
  • Suggested Book Reading
    • Make Diversity Work
    • Liderazgo y Humildad
  • Other
    • Notary Public
    • Latinos in Wisconsin

LEN Directory

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  • Hispanic Business Professionals
  • Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce
  • US Bank
  • State Farm
  • Wisconsin Women Business Initiatives Corporation
  • Wisconsin Department of Commerce Minority Business Conference
  • Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee Leadership Conference
  • Prudential Financial Services
  • RC Insurance
  • SBA
  • MEDC
  • Hispanic Business Professionals


    In 2010, LEN cemented a reciprocal membership extending our network access to additional 355 professionals. This included sharing training programs, events and networking opportunities with Racine County agencies.

  • Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

    Hmong Chamber of Commerce

    We forged a partnership with the Hmong Chamber to promote their micro-lending program among Latino businesses. This program, which is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, is being underutilized. The Hmong Chamber members can also attend our educational programs at no cost, and/or member pricing, depending on the event. We also signed a reciprocal membership agreement with the Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce this year, extending our membership to over 200 Hmong American Enterprises.

  • US Bank

    US Bank

    US Bank has become our visionary partner contributing over $10,000.00 of funding to support the strategic programming of our organization for 2010. Additionally, they have committed commercial lenders and cash flow management staff to assist with coaching and seminars the entire year.

  • StateFarm


    State Farm has officially made a commitment to our Young Adults training initiatives and continues to serve as the primary sponsor and supporter of our Bilingual Entrepreneurial Summer Training Youth Camp. They also provide volunteers to staff the camp and serve as mentors, speakers and business plan judges.

  • Wisconsin Women Business Initiatives Corporation

    Wisconsin Women's Initiative Co

    A nonprofit corporation with 50 years of existence has been able to expand and offer Spanish language financial literacy and assistance in two contiguous counties but never in Milwaukee as they have not been able to secure an interested partner. We agreed to translate their materials for our members in financial literacy and basic entrepreneurship. Most of the courses will be offered in a South Side facility partner who currently hosts our networking events.

  • Wisconsin Department of Commerce Minority Business Conference

    WI Dept Commerce

    We are actively involved in advisory capacity with the Governors 2009 Marketplace Conference for minority business in the state. This conference has very little Latino participation and it is a very important conference as it connects entrepreneurs with State purchasing agents. A discounting program for members of ethnic chambers was proposed by our organization and accepted by the group. Additionally, we have been key in bringing relevant educational seminars for the Green Economy.

  • Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee Leadership Conference

    Hispanic Business Professionals of Milwaukee

    For the fourth year, we partnered with the Hispanic Professional of Greater Milwaukee in managing and coordinating their annual Latino Leadership Conference. Our Founding Executive Director, Nelson Soler, has been the chair of the conference for that time. As a result, an increased number of entrepreneurs have the opportunity to attend high-level leadership and management development seminars, while interacting with key corporate managers in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

  • Prudential Financial Services


    Prudential Financial Services is our official sponsor and educator for our financial wealth management program aimed at microenterprises. They assisted us with a donation to allow our membership to participate in the Path to Wealth Series at no cost to them. They have already made their contribution to do it again in 2010.

  • RC Insurance

    RC Insurance Services facilitates our bonding and insurance training. They have been supporting Latino businesses since our inception. Its principal, Dimas Ocampo, advocates on our behalf to other organizations and support our scholarship program for young adults.



    We have also partners with WHEDA on education and access to capital for contractors and established enterprises through their specialized programs for small businesses. Both the director of economic development (Farshad Maltes) and their senior underwriter (Edward Bryant) participate in seminars, assist businesses with credit application and are a sponsor of our annual Microenterprise event.

    This year we also partner with WHEDA Supplier Diversity Initiative to register our members to participate in constructions housing projects through the State.

  • SBA


    The SBA and SCORE have been partners in education and outreach. They are standard speakers in our programs, participate in our Microenteprise Fair and Lenders Fairs. They are pivotal in connecting many of our members with lenders. They also assisted in providing a simplistic version of the stimulus package. Their regional District Director, Eric Ness, supports our bilingual programs.

  • MEDC


    Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation has been an outstanding partner for us in education and financing. Three of our restaurant members were financed by them. Assistant Vice President, Martha Morrison, is a standard speaker in our Fairs, seminars and a volunteer coach.



    We have strengthened our relationship with USHCC as we learn more about the support and member benefits. We successfully connected with funding opportunities at State Farm and US Bank for next year. We also were able to assist some local businesses with access to National events and resources.

    We are very proud to be a member and value the support the National Chamber provides us as a very small volunteer emerging group.


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