Latino Entrepreneurial Network's Programs


Monthly Learning & Networking Meetings

All of our monthly meetings have a strategic networking component. We believe that for individuals and entrepreneurs to grow, they need to develop relationships. We do this in a very informal, yet structured, manner while we enjoy learning from each other and expert speakers. Meetings take place the third Thursday of the month at different locations. The meetings are open to all individuals or organizations interested in the topics presented. Meetings cost non members $10.00 for refreshments and materials, while members' meeting fees are covered in yearly dues of $50.00. Pay Online!

See our calendar for the location of the next meeting.


Path to Wealth Workshop

Workshops are intended to raise the level of financial literacy in our community. Our primary goal is to address topics related to building individual economic wealth.

  • Understanding Credit Scores
  • Understanding Financial Terminology
  • Planning Your Retirement
  • Planning a College Fund
  • Are You Ready to Start a Business?
  • Making a Real Estate Purchase
  • Investment and Life Insurance

Power Networking Breakfasts take place every other month, on the last day of the month, at a local establishment. These engagements are open to the public. Each individual is responsible to pay for their own breakfast.

Bilingual Entrepreneurship Summer Training (BEST) Youth Camp

We believe that raising entrepreneurship awareness and providing career choices needs to start at a young age.

The camp provides an opportunity for youth between the ages of 9 and 17 to learn how to develop and effective business plan presentation in one week. The BEST Youth Camp recently completed is fifth year mentoring Milwaukee youth with business plan training. This highly successful program typically runs for a week in June during the students' summer break and helps young entrepreneurs on their quest to self employment. Participants develop a business plan presentation while interacting with entrepreneurs, engineers, bankers, insurance agents, real estate brokers and other professionals. The young adults also had counselors available to assist these young adults with creating a business plan and presentation. This program has trained 100 young adults, from the ages of 9-18, since its inception in 2005.


Marketplace - Annual:

The first bilingual conference in the Midwest educating Latino and ESL entrepreneurs in Green opportunities. We instituted an Annual Marketplace event addressing the need of microenterprises, and small business owners, in 2008. The event brought 18 governmental agencies interested in the success and grow of minority enterprises. The event also provided structured bilingual networking for microenterprise owners to connect with corporate supplier diversity professionals, lenders, insurance agents and other business owners seeking suppliers.

1st Microenterprise Bilingual Green Business Opportunity Conference

This iwas our third conference aimed at business development among Latino and ESL participants. This year we conducted the first bilingual conference aimed at educating Latinos, and other Minorities, in the opportunities in the Green Economy. Participants were connected to a national expert in the Green Economy opportunities as well as over 18 state and federal agencies interested in furthering the development of businesses in the Greater Milwaukee Area. The conference featured nine concurrent seminars, along with an entrepreneurial fair.


Other Programs and Accomplishments:

Minority Business Certification –SBE-DBE

Continued our partnership with both the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District for Small Business Enterprise Certification, Milwaukee County and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for Disadvantaed Business Enterprise Certification and contracting.

Connected Contractors with Opportunity

Continue referring contractors to opportunities with the Neighborhood Improvement Programs, Wisconsin Housing Economic Development Authority, the County of Milwaukee, and the Milwaukee Metropolitan District. Assisted contractors with Blue print reading and proposals to secure project. Forged a partnership with Cross Development Group to secure work for small general contractors in federally funded Neighboorhood Improvement programs. This resulted in a collaborative project involving: T. Sanchez and Sons, Aztec Plumbing, Southwest Conteractors and build capacity for larger city projects.

Enhanced Partnership with OSHA and Milwaukee Lead Asbestos Institute

For the second year in our region, OSHA will be offering the 10 hour certification training for Latino Contractors, in Spanish, at no cost to them. LEN will provide, and underwrite, the venue and materials so 34 contractors can receive access to this valuable training.

We also added a 10-hour training session for restaurants and convenience businesses this year.